Medstead Pre-school & Nursery

Our Vision

Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect in an engaging learning environment form the basis of our vision.


We have a clear vision of what we would like to achieve here at Medstead Pre-school. This includes;

  • to develop positive, caring relationships with children and families.

  • to enable children to reach their full potential in their learning.

  • to provide a safe, happy and engaging learning environment.


Our Values

  • Happiness and wellbeing

  • Working together and valuing every individual

  • Respect and integrity


Our Aims

  • to build positive, caring relationships with children and families, working in partnership with parents

  • to create a pre-school community where every child and family is valued

  • to create a home-from-home feel for children and families

  • to engage children in high-quality teaching and learning, preparing them for future success

  • to promote well-being and respect

  • to do the right thing even when no one is looking

  • to celebrate successes and learn from things that don't go quite as we'd hoped.